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Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies

Hair Vitamins in form of Vegan Gummies

  • No more swallowing of unpleasant pills
  • No more forgetting about your daily dose
  • 5000% Biotin, which is the maximum dose
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Are you having problems with hair?


  • Is your hairbrush full of hair?
  • Do you have damaged hair ends? We have a solution to all your hair problems!

A nutraceutical in form of vegan gummies. Its rich composition of 11 ingredients VEGAN BIOTIN COMPLEX will take care of your hair comprehensively. What is more, it has a delicious taste!

Try our hair care gummies! >
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Hair Care Panda

Vegan Gummies this SOLUTION IS FOR:

  • hair lacking vitality
  • over processed hair
  • hair weakened by pregnancy and hormone therapies
  • hair weakened by a poor diet
  • disheveled hair, which frequently has a #BadHairDay ;)
  • every hair type, which desires to be beautiful and healthy - i.e. for every porosity type :)
Try our hair care gummies! >
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Hair Care Panda

Vegan Gummies

  • not tested on animals
  • no animal was hurt during the production of the product
  • allergen free
  • NO
  • SOY
Try our hair care gummies! >
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For every hair type


How to use

HairCarePanda Vegan Gummies are the most pleasant form of hair care - all you have to do is eat 2 delicious gummies every day after a meal. That's it! Treat them as any other gummies, which everyone loves. Due to the fact that they are so tasty, you will never forget about your everyday portion.

Always after a meal

Eat 2 gummies per day, but only two ;)

Enjoy the delicious taste and admire your beautiful hair

Try our hair care gummies! >

The ingredients are carefully selected to help your hair

Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies contain a unique VEGAN Biotin Complex mixture, which will enchant your hair making them beautiful as never before. Pssssyt! We will reveal you our panda's secret formula :)

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  • 5000% BiotinBiotin helps maintain healthy
    hair and skin
    The highest possible dose in a food supplement
  • 100% Niacin Niacin helps maintain healthy skin
  • 100% Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 regulates hormone activity
  • 100% Vitamin A Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin
  • 100% Selenium Selenium helps maintain healthy hair
  • 100% Zinc Zinc helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails
100% Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 lowers the feeling of fatigue
100% Vitamin B1 Thiamine supports proper heart functioning
100% Vitamin E Vitamin E protects cells against oxidative stress
100% Pantothenic acid Pantothenic acid participates in the process of vitamin D synthesis
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  • 5000%
  • SOY
  • NO
  • GMO
  • NO

The opinion of experts


Hair Care Panda is promoted by the Noble Health brand. This guarantees the best possible composition and safety of the product's ingredients. Since 2009 our products are invariably available in the largest distribution networks and even have faithful fans. We guarantee that Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies is a product that will ideally meet your needs.

They write about us:

ELLE Burda Poradnik Domowy Beauty Inspiration Rewia Womens Health
SHAPE Tele tydzień Życie na gorąco Gwiazdosfera Sielskie Życie Tylko zdrowie JOY
Glamour Uroda i Zdrowie Avanti Przegląd kosmetyczny Cosmopolitan

Awards that we've received for our products:

cosmo 2012 cosmo 2015 imperium glamour inspiracje 2014 inspiracje 2015 inspiracje 2016 nutrikosmetyk 2011


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Why Hair Care Panda?

panda packshot vegan
  • 11 vegetarian ingredients for your hair
  • 5000% biotin for natural hair volume and thickness
  • 8 years of experience in hair care category
  • 0% gelatine
Try our hair care gummies! >

Does Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies really work?

Of course! It's like asking: do you want to have beautiful and healthy hair?

How does this magical composition of Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies work?

Each ingredient in the VEGAN SUPER Biotin Complex™ formula is super important. Every one of them was carefully selected to improve the condition of your hair and skin. Biotin helps maintain healthy hair and skin. Niacin helps maintain healthy skin. Vitamin B6 regulates hormone activity. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin. Selenium helps maintain healthy hair. Vitamin E protects cells against oxidative stress. Zinc helps maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. Pantothenic acid is responsible for the proper synthesis of vitamin D. Vitamin B12 lowers the feeling of fatigue. Thiamin supports the proper heart functioning.

How to use Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies?

We know that Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies are delicious, eating them is a pure pleasure, but we strongly recommend you to eat only 2 gummies a day. Treat them like any other gummies, remember to chew them well before swallowing. That's it! You do not have to wash them down with water, like all the other unpleasant capsules or tablets!

How to store Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies?

Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies formula is extraordinary and requires good treatment. You should store the product at room temperature away from direct sunlight (e.g. on a cabinet). Pandas are not fond of high temperatures, same goes for vitamins and minerals. Food supplements should be kept away from small children.

How many magical gummies are in a Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies package?

There are 60 magical gummies in one Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies package. The total net weight is 300 g.

Can children eat the magical Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies?

We realise that the tasteful appearance, as well as the delicious taste of Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies, may suggest that it is suitable for everyone, however, Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies is a product dedicated only for adults due to the high amount of active ingredients.

What are the ingredients of Hair Care Panda Vegan Gummies?

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, modified tapioca starch, modified potato starch, mixture of vitamins and minerals (zinc gluconate, dl-alpha-Tocopheryl acetate, nicotinamide, calcium D-pantothenate, retinyl acetate, sodium selenate (VI), cyanocobalamin, D-biotin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamin mononitrate, pteroylmonoglutamic acid); acid: citric acid, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, aromas, fruit and vegetable concentrates: tomato, radish, apple, pumpkin, colourant: titanium dioxide.

What is a nutraceutical?

Nutraceutical only sounds scary ;) It is a food supplement, which thanks to minerals and vitamins supports the proper body functioning - including hair care.

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